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Meet Kai

Six Figure+ Entrepreneur | Contributing Author of 'Go for No! for Network Marketing'| Philanthropist | Motivational Speaker 

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As a corporate sales professional, Kai Deering made an impressive six figure income, but it came at a huge cost, as she worked from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. five or six days a week. When she met her goals, her bosses just upped her quotas, so she thought being self-employed in her sales career would give her more freedom. But running her own office, doing all her own paperwork and trying to stay caught up just made the time disappear even faster.


Unfortunately, after ten years on the corporate treadmill, she was exhausted and unfulfilled. She grabbed naps in her car whenever she could, had no time with her husband, and many days didn’t even see the sun—despite living in California! But the last straw came when she met someone who was doing a job similar to hers—only he was in his 70s.


Deering reflects, “I remember thinking this is it? I’m going to do this ‘til I die?  I knew I didn’t want to be working like this at 70. I knew that on my deathbed I was not going to say, I wish I would’ve worked more”


A friend’s roommate suggested she try to build a career with her company. But Deering kept putting her off. Finally, in a last ditch attempt to keep her friend out of her hair, she agreed to attend an event.  What she saw blew her away!


“I’d never met people with time AND money,” Deering laughs. “I knew people who had time, or people with meaningful, significant jobs who didn’t make a lot of money, but I didn’t think you could have money and significance, let alone time freedom!”


At the convention, Deering was surrounded by people who were helping others, making money AND doing it all on their own terms. She was thrilled, and decided to see what kind of business she could build.


“I started by making an extra $500 a month part-time. From there it grew: $14,000 a year, than $37,000, then $69,000. In my fifth year I made $98,000 and it hasn't been that bad since.”


As her income continued to grow from there, Deering was able to quit her corporate sales career and transition to working from home. Now, she says, she’s enjoying her life in ways she’d always hoped. She spends time with her husband, adopted two rescue dogs and travels the world, something she never would’ve done when she was working 12-hour days.

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“The dogs sleep in a bed on my desk,” Deering explains. “I get to see my husband all the time. I got my life back.”


Deering also says she enjoys her house, her car, and the other things that money can buy, but she knows that money isn’t what’s really important.  “You can’t take the ‘stuff’ with you, it’s all about the experiences that you can give to other people.”


She goes on to say “I love that I was able to treat my mom to trips to Cancun, Wine Country, Disneyland and Disneyworld; places she’d never been. And when my mom had a health scare, then knee replacement surgery, I was the only one with the time freedom to go and be with her and not worry about my income skipping a beat.”


Now, as a leader of her own team, Deering says her favorite thing is watching her team members succeed.  “The best success stories are about people firing their bosses, retiring loved ones, earning trips, and driving dream cars”.


Deering leads by example. She is available for her team, she has been in the trenches, and says she will never expect anyone to do anything she hasn’t already done. Having seen how her business has changed her life, she believes that it can help anyone create a lifestyle that provides time, money, and meaning.


“We know this works,” she says. “It’s working for thousands of people. Now we want to know if you want to bring your energy and enthusiasm to our system.”


While training is a big part of her focus, Deering also likes to make things fun. She hosts parties for her team and has taken them to wine tastings, ropes courses, ball games and even on a cruise. And after a decade, the joy of helping others continues to inspire her.


“The income is great, but the icing on the cake is that, with this business, you can only get ahead if you help other people,” Deering says. “In corporate America you’re out to crush the other person. In network marketing, everyone works together. It’s a win for all.”

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